Logo NBPNarodowy Bank Polski

Narodowy Bank Polski is the central bank of the Republic of Poland. Its tasks are stipulated in the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, the Act on Narodowy Bank Polski and the Banking Act. The fundamental objective of the NBP’s activity is to maintain price stability. Fulfilling this constitutional obligation, the NBP develops and implements the monetary policy strategy and the annual monetary policy guidelines. Through the management of the official reserves the NBP ensures the requisite level of the State’s financial security. As an issuer of currency, the NBP maintains the liquidity of cash payments. An important objective of the NBP is guarding the stability of the financial system. As part of its supervisory and regulatory functions, the NBP oversees the liquidity, efficiency and security of the payment system. It also contributes to the development of a secure infrastructure of the financial market. Moreover, the NBP undertakes activities aimed at disseminating knowledge about economics.


Logo MRMinisterstwo Rozwoju

The Ministry is active in different areas of international co-operation, e.g. through the presence in international organisations or regional co-operation structures such as: European Union, Visegrad Group, Council of the Baltic Sea States or Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. It also carries out various projects in order to provide help to foreign countries in the framework of Polish aid programme. Other initiatives undertaken concerns the deepened co-operation with eastern countries (Ukraine, China) or promotion of Polish output abroad.

Development Policy is one of the main areas of the Ministry’s activity. Within this section the Ministry deals mainly with:
– programming and coordinating the elaboration of projects of the development strategies,
– programming and carrying out regional policy,
– planning and spatial management, both on national and regional levels,
– urban policy,
– elaborating programming documents, analysis and forecasts on the socio-economic, regional and spatial development,
– concluding, controlling and accounting the voivodeship contracts,
– coordinating the elaboration and the implementation of the regional operational programmes by the voivodeships’ governments.


Logo MCMinisterstwo Cyfryzacji

The mission of the ministry is to create a digital boost for the development of Poland. The main tasks of the new ministry are to develop broadband infrastructure, support the creation of web content and e-services and promote digital competences among citizens. Digitization is also key to modern administration. By coordinating actions in these areas we hope to make our society and economy grow. Digitization enables synergies between various domains – access to internet and digital economy. Not only does digitization help economy grow, but it also promotes equal opportunities for all citizens. Internet will make it easier to to have access to cultural goods and jobs regardless of whether you live in a big city or a remote village. Effective digitization is based on three pillars: providing internet access, developing web content and services and promoting digital competences.


Logo ZUSZakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych

The Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) was established by virtue of the Act of 24 October 1934 – amending the Social Insurance Act of 28 March 1933, commonly dubbed amalgamation act. Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) is one of major public institutions in Poland. It is driven by two factors: the scope of performed assignments and size of committed public funds. Social Insurance Institution combines the function of a financial institution (collection of contributions, payment of benefits, transfer of advances for income tax to the inland tax revenue offices on behalf of old-age and disability pensioners) with the function of social security institution. It provides its customers – beneficiaries, the insured, contribution payers – with the feeling of security due to the reliable performance of entrusted social mission.