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Wydział Zarządzania Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego (WZ UW – Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw) was established in 1974 and is the oldest faculty of management in Central-Eastern Europe. Home to researchers with various specialisations and a research centre for interdisciplinary projects, the Faculty publicises comprehensive know-how and develops organisational skills to business people as well as public administration specialists. It offers students programmes with majors in marketing, finance, insurance and banking, accounting and taxes, human resources management, e-business and real estate management, suitable for the needs of Polish companies, multinational corporations and the EU administration. The Faculty is a top tier academic institution (classified as A category by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education – MNiSW). The Faculty is located at ul. Szturmowa 1/3, 02-678 Warszawa.


The Conference Organising Committee
  • Jakub Górka, Ph.D.: Chairman
  • Przemysław Dubel, Ph.D.: Vice Chairman
  • Beata Brzezińska, M.A.
  • Agata Król, M.A.
  • Jolanta Woźniak, M.A.
  • Adam Kurman, M.A.
  • Karol Szadkowski, M.A.
  • Maria Rutkiewicz, M.A.


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The University of Warsaw (Polish: Uniwersytet Warszawski, Latin: Universitas Varsoviensis), established in 1816, is the largest university in Poland. It encompasses 20 faculties and 29 research units, employs over 7,000 staff and provides graduate courses for 52,000 students (on top of over 7,000 postgraduate and doctoral candidates), offers over 100 specialisations in Humanities, technical as well as Natural Sciences. The University cooperates with over 800 foreign entities. It is a member of approximately 100 international associations and networks. The University of Warsaw is one of the top Polish universities. It was ranked by Perspektywy magazine as the best Polish university in 2010-11 and 2014-16. International rankings such as ARWU and University Web Ranking rank the university as the best Polish higher level institution. On the list of 100 best European universities compiled by University Web Ranking, the University of Warsaw was placed as 61st. QS World University Rankings positioned the University of Warsaw as the best higher level institution among the world’s top 400. This year the University celebrates its 200 anniversary. For more facts and figures see here.