This year’s 2019 edition of the Payments Drift Forum, already the fourth one, will focus on three main topics:

  • Open economy
  • Interchange fees
  • PayTech innovation

The day of the conference has been carefully selected. 13 September 2019 coincides with the eve of PSD2 becoming fully operational, when the era of open banking in Europe starts. By then banks’ APIs should be ready for payment initiation and account information services (PIS and AIS). However, open economy covers not only open banking but also other interconnected issues, such as e-identity or instant payments.

Another hot topic is the interchange fees again, as the regulator prepares to review the Interchange Fee Regulation 2015/751. Before the revision takes place, the EU has commissioned to an external agency an impact study of the IF Reg, expected to be finalised and published in 2020. Therefore, it is a good moment in time to discuss lessons learned and effects of regulating interchange fees in different countries.

In line with the spirit of the conference, the 2019 edition must also drift into other paytech areas. Planned are inter alia presentations about central bank digital currencies, Facebook’s Libra, public administration’s innovative payments-related projects, autonomous machine-to-machine payments and more.

Please join us at the Payments Drift Forum 2019 in Warsaw!